DIY – 3 types of DIY available – Stable Only which includes turnout paddock . Stable + Turnout Paddock with Hay included and Full DIY – Stable,Bedding & Hay + Turnout Paddock

5 Day part Livery includes – Stables, turnout, hay and straw, use of facilities including horse walker. We provide 5 days of routine care e.g mucking out turn out/bring in and owner does horses 2 days a week of their choice. Basic hard feed is included 7 days a week.

7 day part livery – as per 5 day, but we provide 7 days routine care Full livery – as per 7 day part livery but also includes either 3 days of exercising per weekend or 5 days of exercising per week. We can also provide rehabilitation livery and hunter livery – please enquire for full details and pricing. Summary of prices for Livery – Livery Price List Extra services are available to all clients from ridden exercise to grooming – Price List For all your needs please contact us via our Contact Us page